Mission Statement

The Leflore County Hunting and Fishing Association had its beginnings with a group of local sportsmen meeting for the first time on October 28, 1943 in Greenwood, Mississippi.

That first meeting, which was announced in the local newspapers drew a group of 41 citizens interested in the conservation of wildlife and the improvement of the natural resources affecting both hunting and fishing in the area.

The organization began with the electing of officers.
They were:

R. Lee Turpin, President
Dr. Frank H. Smith, Vice President
J. H. Peebles, Secretary and Treasurer
Aubrey H. Bell, Attorney

Then on December 6, 1943, the Association was incorporated by the Mississippi Secretary of State. The annual dues were set at $1.00 per year.

Today we continue the legacy of these fine forward thinking sportsmen and Conservationists by offering hunting and fishing opportunities to the sportsmen of Mississippi as well as the reforestation of Association owned land and the preservation of our natural resources which will be enjoyed for generations to come.


Jimmy Chandler 662-719-9292

Tommy Kyle 662-299-9121
Vice President

Jack Heath 662-299-1450
Sec. / Treas.

William B. Campbell 662-515-1508

Frankie Chandler 662-719-6767

Jimmy Goss 662-299-9442

Keith Kendall 662-719-9950

Henry Phillips 662-207-7227

Ibrahim Rustom 662-299-9966

Joel Williams 662-392-5322

The Avery Wood Memorial Scholarship

Administered through and by Mississippi State University. Students whose major is waterfowlAvery Wood -early years conservation and who have intentions of working in Ms after graduation are the primary candidates. It is a $1,000.00 scholarship and jointly funded by LCH&FA and Drake Waterfowl which is co-owned by Tate Wood, Avery's son.

Avery Wood was born in 1934 and was consumed with duck hunting by the age of 13. He spent the next 54 years spending a little of every single day and the majority of lots of days thinking of little else. For the most part, he was self taught. He got tips and tidbits of knowledge here and there, but the majority of the knowledge he accrued over the years was from just “ getting out there and hunting ” . The world of waterfowl is a lot better because of his love for the sport. During his many years of chasing ducks, he learned that many times, the best spots for hunting waterfowl were privately owned, which was greatly limiting the number of waterfowl hunter ’ s that can enjoy the sport. He experienced this frustration as a young man and, whether he knew it or not at the time, he was going to try to change that the best he could.

Early on, he had a love for serving the public. He began by joining the Navy and spending 6 years serving as an officer. Then, after several private industry jobs in management, he got the opportunity to get back into public duty and was appointed Director of the Game and Fish Commission for the State of Mississippi and served from 1972-1976. In those 4 short years, no director has done more for Waterfowl hunting in the State of Mississippi, before or since. He worked closely with the Nature Conservancy and was instrumental in the creation of Mississippi ’ s Wildlife Heritage Fund that resulted in two large conservation areas being procured for the public. One was the Pascagoula project in Southeast Mississippi and the other was a part of Malmaison known as the McIntyre Scatters arguably the best duck hunting the entire State has to offer.

These acts have forever changed, for the better, the State of Mississippi and the world of waterfowl, in general. He served as President of the Mississippi Flyway Council and always fought for our state ’ s best interests. After retiring from public office, he continued going to the Flyway Council meetings working diligently for waterfowl opportunities in our State.

Beyond this and just as, if not more importantly, Avery has had a profound impact on 10 ’ s of thousands of waterfowl hunter ’ s directly and indirectly through his conservation efforts and personal inventions. Yes, he was like most of us, he loved to tinker with ideas to make his duck hunting rig better, each and every single season. It was like a religion.

Hopefully, Avery Wood, and his service to waterfowl, along with this scholarship, will have a profound enough impact to inspire you to make a difference for all waterfowl hunter ’ s today and in the future.


Tate Wood – Drake Waterfowl

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